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Ancient Medicinal Mushroom

BLOG 24: Wow, after a couple of weeks of brutal winter temps, many days below -35 degrees Celsius and with record snowfalls, this mushroom is still hanging in there. Amazing. The Birch Polypore is a well known scientifically researched mushroom. It is a choice medicinal with multiple uses. Among it’s many properties, Birch Polypore contain polyporenic acid which is effective when used to clear out intestinal parasites. No wonder the Iceman, Ötzi, from 3300BC was discovered to be carrying and ingesting this polypore as scientists discovered he had whipworm parasites in his intestines. We need to rediscover the simple power of our natural medicines again...we have forgotten so much. I’m not kidding, Ötzi used the birch polypore 33 Centuries before Christ or about 53 centuries ago. The fungal pharmacy is timeless and priceless


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