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Flu fighter Phellinus

BLOG 23: I have seen mostly Phellinus species during my hikes lately. Right now in the stark cold of January in Canada, I wonder why certain mushrooms can still be easily viewed and why others cannot? Why now at 17C below? In 2013, Scientists published a study in the Journal of Microbiology presenting data showing Phellinus igniarius mushroom has an anti-influenza virus effect on infuenza A & B, H1N1, H3N2 and avian H9N2 and by disrupting the replication of influenza at the early onset stage of the flu. This ‘Culpepper coincidence’ is definitely fascinating to me and should be to you, too. 🌀 #phellinus #phellinusigniarius #phellinuspini #phellinustremulae #phellinusferruginosus


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